Top International News Sites 2008

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Top International News Sites

When RealClearWorld launched during last year's Beijing Summer Olympics, we made it our mission to provide readers with the best world opinion on the web - a one-stop shop for readers seeking quality commentary and analysis on world politics, international relations and foreign affairs. This daily process requires a lot of reading and a lot of vetting. In our first few months, we’ve had the pleasure of reading and discovering some great foreign dailies, weeklies and newsmagazines. While we’ve certainly relied on tried and true news standards – such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal – we’ve also had the chance to introduce our readers to some world news outlets that may otherwise fall under their regular news radar. We seek to find a good balance of these publications, so as to provide you with the staples of foreign policy news, as well as the up-and-coming analysts and thinkers you need to be reading in 2009. Obviously, taste and opinion can be subjective. We suspect that the readership of the Daily Telegraph’s opinion page may differ with those whom enjoy the editorial content offered by The Independent. Readers who look to our pages to find Rami Khouri’s weekly contributions may not care if they feature the work of Amir Taheri. And so on. With that fine balance in mind, here are RealClearWorld’s editorial picks for the best international news sites of 2008. These news outlets offered us a weekly – if not daily – stream of strong content, and they also provided our readers with a fresh and nuanced perspective on global affairs. We appreciate that our readers may have their own personal favorites to add to the conversation, so please, feel free to email us with your own favorites from 2008. We’ll be sure to share some of them on the site in the coming days and weeks.     

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