Top International News Sites 2008

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Al Jazeera

Controversial and critical, few world news outlets have had the ability to split feelings quicker than the immensely popular Al Jazeera network. The Doha-based station – initially a satellite based network only – has grown into a worldwide media empire. Broadcasting all around the world, on the web and in multiple languages, Al Jazeera has become both the Arab world’s platform for dialogue and information, and the rest of the world's window into a region full of faiths, languages and sects. With unparralled access, and a foundation of experienced journalists and analysts from all over the world, Al Jazeera has become a commanding voice in world news. While most of the western media has struggled to gain entry into wartorn Gaza, Al Jazeera has provided day-to-day, on the ground reporting and video of the incursion from their embedded journalists and staff. Not without their own editorial biases, their reporting has mostly highlighted the toll the invasion has taken on Gaza’s civilian population. Al Jazeera has certainly taken fire for its ties to questionable figures and organizations, often finding themselves on the receiving end of western scrutiny and ire. However, ideological leanings aside, it has become clear over the course of twelve years that the network isn’t going anywhere. As they will undoubtedly continue to offer their unique, grassroots brand of journalism, look for their content to remain a staple at RCW in 2009.

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