10 Worst Countries for Tourists

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Turistas Go Home

Now that it's officially summer, millions around the globe are packing their bags, updating their passports and getting ready for fun, adventure or just some rest and relaxation overseas. Tourism is a huge global business -- accounting for $2.1 trillion in global GDP in 2012, and over 100 million jobs, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council -- and, for many countries, an essential source of revenue. But not all destinations are alike, and for some people, the thought of throngs of map-wielding tourists clogging up their cities and countryside is a rather unpleasant one. The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently conducted a global survey of executives and opinion leaders on tourism preparedness in their countries, and found some to be more welcoming than others. Here are ten countries that might prefer you just stay home this summer. BEGIN LIST

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