Top 5 Most Economically Optimistic Countries

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#5 Djibouti

With its 50 percent unemployment and arid climate, Djibouti probably wouldn't make most short lists for economically optimistic nations. So what has them so upbeat? In three words: The Red Sea. "It is different from most sub-Saharan African countries," explains Dr. Robert Tortora, Gallup's Regional Research Director for the region, "in that it is a very urban country with the bulk of the population living in the city of Djibouti." This urban concentration - coupled with the city's strategic proximity to the Red Sea - sets Djibouti apart from the rest of the sub-Sahara, explains Dr. Tortora. This also allows for a lot of economic experimentation and investment in the country, such as the Djibouti Free Zone. As shipping toll booth for much of the continent, Djiboutians at least maintain the possibility of economic opportunity down the road, and perhaps a reason to remain optimistic about the future. Global Top 5s is a monthly feature by powered by Gallup's worldwide research. Learn more at

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