Top 5 Most Pro-India Countries

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The Indian Century?

In a young century so often bequeathed to Beijing, the Republic of India - one-fourth of the emerging power quartet known colloquially as BRIC - has become a pivotal actor in most global forums, and a key investor in nearly every corner of the world. "In Asia and around the world, India is not simply emerging," said U.S. President Barack Obama during his November address to the Indian Parliament, "India has emerged." But has it really? Though New Delhi's profile on the global stage has grown in recent years, much of the world remains unaware of India's role as an emerging power player. So where have India's global branding efforts been the most effective? With the assistance of Gallup's 2009 survey research, we decided to reexamine the so-called Chinese Century and find the Top 5 Most Pro-Indian Countries around the world. Global Top 5s is a monthly feature by powered by Gallup's worldwide research. Learn more at

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