Top International News Sites 2009

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Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy was a must-read publication before 2009, but a revamp in January of last year has seen one of the Web's premier sites get even better. The Foreign Policy relaunch maintained the insightful and provocative articles the magazine was known for, while bringing an eclectic set of bloggers under the tent for daily commentary. Some, such as Daniel Drezner and Marc Lynch, were well known to the foreign policy blogosphere, while others like Harvard's Stephen Walt brought a new voice to the format. Among the other highlights of the redesign is the Shadow Government group blog, which brings together former Bush administration officials for a well-informed appraisal of the Obama administration's foreign policy; The Cable, which dishes scoops on America's foreign policy bureaucracy; and the AfPak Channel, which in partnership with the New America Foundation brings news and analysis from the center of the War on Terrorism.

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