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Foreign Affairs

Founded 90 year ago, Foreign Affairs magazine is certainly no stranger to international relations commentary and analysis. For many years now a standard-bearer for scholarly review, Foreign Affairs has, in recent months, ramped up its online presence in order to complement its already renowned print counterpart. The magazine took an aggressive approach this year, expanding its pool of writers, while additionally using more social media tools and video to promote its analysis and weigh in on the key foreign policy debates of the day. The content continued to be what everyone has come to expect from Foreign Affairs, magazine publisher Lynda Hammes told RealClearWorld. But their editorial approach, said Hammes, was to make sure that arguments remained fresh, provocative and non-repetitive. They certainly didn't shy away from provocative topics in 2012, as Georgetown University Professor Matthew Kroenig's controversial essay, titled "Time to Attack Iran," raised many eyebrows and sparked much online debate. In an online media world so often consumed by the short-view, Foreign Affairs distinguished itself from the rest of the pack this year by taking the long-view on big geopolitical questions and crises.  

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