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2010: Year of the Wiki?

Just when it seemed impossible to blur the lines between old and new media any further, 2010 witnessed the controversial rise of info-anarchist Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. By publishing raw intelligence on its own site and leaking excerpts to major news media outlets, WikiLeaks nearly obliterated the neat boundaries between the media and motivated, tech-savvy individuals. With each year the differences between a topical news story and a trending topic become fewer, as Internet tools like Twitter and Facebook are rapidly turning everyone into citizen journalists and iAgreggators. But raw data is nothing without context. While WikiLeaks proved it could capture and publish documents, it took the efforts of its media partners and other media organizations to bring needed analyses to its trove. The brave new world of global media is an exciting one, but every year we at RealClearWorld like to recognize those who are helping make sense of it all. So with that, RealClearWorld is pleased to give you the best world offerings from the world wide web. NEXT: THE TOP WORLD NEWS SITES OF 2010  

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