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The National Interest

In the fall of 2010, The National Interest, the bi-monthly policy publication produced by the Nixon Center, revamped its online presence. It was, in the words of Editor Justine Rosenthal, a "major facelift," the goal of which was "to bring the web presence up to par with the print edition, both in terms of substance and design with a clean and user-friendly site that focuses on content, making the virtual TNI a daily companion reader to the bi-monthly magazine." The idea was to merge the "big picture" topics that The National Interest tackles - the history of human rights, American grand strategy - with a "current affairs spin," Rosenthal said. While you can still enjoy the longer-form magazine content on the site, the refreshed National Interest online brings an impressive array of regular contributors into the daily cyber-fray, including CIA veteran Paul Pillar, Israeli historian Benny Morris, former weapons inspector David Kay and presidential advisor Bruce Riedel. New blogs, such as "The Skeptics" bring an often overlooked libertarian sensibility to national security and foreign policy debates, while author Jacob Heilbrunn keeps tabs on the Washington debate.

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