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Underground in Raqqa

Shortly before the siege of Raqqa began in June, Islamic State officials arrested Hammad al-Sajer for skipping afternoon prayers. Hammad, who is 29, made a living from his motorbike: he carried...

How Iran Would Push Back on U.S. Escalation

We're about to witness a real-life test of an Iran policy that eschews diplomacy and embraces confrontation.

Iraq's Shiite Militias Are Just Getting Started

The Iranian-backed forces that took control of Kirkuk from the Kurds are setting their sights on Baghdad.

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Keep Dreaming, Kurdistan

Days after President Trump pledged to “roll back” Iran's gains in the Middle East, Tehran's spymaster thwarted a Kurdish push for independence from Iraq.

Iraqi Kurdistans Unlikely Ally

Efforts to create a new state are always contentious and frequently violent. The Iraqi Kurds’ move toward independence, however, is even more contentious and complex than usual. The unfolding...

Will America and Russia Change the Political Dynamics in the Middle East?

On Tuesday, September 12, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu sat with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. According to Russian embassy social-media posts they discussed joint...

100 Days and Counting of Pointless Arab Self-Destruction

No American can criticize Arab states without first acknowledging that the United States has made a host of mistakes of its own in dealing with nations like Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. The fact...

The Hubris of Hezbollah

How the militant group will fumble into the next Middle Eastern war

Trump Is Determined to Blow Up the Iran Deal

What many observers have been nervously suspecting for months is now clear: President Donald Trump is intent on eviscerating the Iran nuclear deal, irrespective of the overwhelming evidence that it...

Why the Middle East Hated Obama But Loves Trump

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, fresh from a summit with Trump, explains a region in turmoil.

Are American Jews Giving Up on Israel?

As the ultra-Orthodox pass new measures governing prayer at the Western Wall and religious conversion, a rift is growing between Israel and American Jews.

Next Israel-Hezbollah War Could Be in Syria

While the cease-fire brokered by the United States, Russia and Jordan seems to be holding for now in southern Syria, it might not last for long given the Israeli-Iranian rivalry in the region.

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