Middle East

Accepting the Limits of U.S. Foreign Policy

U.S. President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal has put Europe in a tight spot. The squeeze is made still tighter by his subsequent insistence that the deal’s...

An Egyptian-Turkish War in Libya?

Libya’s post-Gaddafi crisis may soon enter a new chapter that would internationalize the conflict to a whole new level. In light of Operation Volcano Rage, the ongoing campaign led by...

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Inside the IS Social Network

From the Manchester bomber to Sharia4Holland -- how Western terrorists become radicalised.

In Sinai, a Local Tribe Fights to Push Back ISIS

The Tarabins, the peninsula's largest Bedouin group, has taken up arms against the terror group; at the same time, Hamas, hoping to improve relations with Egypt, has apparenty downgraded its ties...

ISIS Wins When Christians Leave the Middle East

It goes without saying that Christians have as much right to live in these countries as anyone else. Their presence there predates the religion claimed by their persecutors by 600 years.

The Scramble for Post-ISIS Syria Has Officially Begun

A rare strike on Assad regime and its allies signals new dynamics in a long war.

Was the Rise of ISIS Inevitable?

The lesson to draw about how to avoid future monsters like ISIS is not that sometimes America should be more eager to use force, but that military action, especially in the Middle East, inevitably...

The Uncertain Fate of Iraq's Largest Christian City

Before Islamic State invaded, Qaraqosh was home to Iraq's largest Christian community. Now liberated after three years of occupation, little remains and former residents are considering whether its...

The Devils Henchmen: What Do the ISIS Dead Deserve?

What do the ISIS dead deserve? In the battle for Mosul, thousands of militants have been killed. While seeking answers for what should be done with their bodies, Kenneth R. Rosen unearths a terrible...