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Burmese Society Slipping Into an Abyss

YANGON, Myanmar—The crowd waiting for Aung San Suu Kyi's highly anticipated address on the ongoing crisis in Rakhine, in western Myanmar, looked prepared for a pep rally, rather than a requiem...

The U.S. Faces Unsavory Choices in the Korean Peninsula

For months now, the U.S. has been trying different measures to get North Korea to give up its nuclear program. In recent weeks, many have assumed that an...

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What if South Korea Acted Like North Korea?

Think of the Korean Peninsula turned upside down. Imagine if there were a South Korean dictatorship that had been in power, as a client of the United States since 1953. Imagine also that contemporary...

India and Pakistan Since Partition: An Economic Scorecard

Persistent underdevelopment has afflicted the Indian subcontinent since the region was unshackled from the chains of British colonial domination seven decades ago. South Asia's growth and...

German Weapons Makers Profiting From Korea Tensions

The German cruise missile Taurus KEPD-350 has a lot of demand in South Korea. The nearly 1,000-kilogram high-tech weapon made by an eponymous German firm, Taurus Systems, has a range of almost 500...

Xi Jinping and China's Traditionalist Restoration

In 1934, confronted with rising pro-communist sentiments in his country, Chiang Kai-shek, leader of China’s Nationalist Party, launched the neotraditionalist New Life Movement () as part of a...

What's Driving the India-China Standoff at Doklam?

India's insecurities and China's indignant conviction have contributed to a state of absolute gridlock at Doklam.

Scared About North Korea? You Aren't Scared Enough

A Q&A with Jeffrey Lewis, aka the Arms Control Wonk, on why Kim's ICBM launch shouldn't have been a surprise.

The Case for Congagement with China

The Trump administration’s China policy is currently focused almost exclusively on North Korea. But Beijing’s growing power and expanding regional and global objectives demand that...

Russian Railpolitick and Chinas Belt and Road

Russian economic policies and infighting with its neighbors impact China's ambitions.

EU Moving to Undercut Trump in Asia?

An empty gesture by the Europeans to help negotiate a deal with North Korea may nevertheless have real consequences.