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Europes Losing Streak

Why Brussels feels so dazed and confused in 2018.

Europe Is Reaping Its Own Bitter Harvests

Sergio Mattarellaâs defence of the status quo has ensured the success of racist and populist policies, writes former Greek...

The Roots of Russian Aggression

Don't blame the West.

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Deaths, Protests, and Still the Kremlin Won't Budge

The regime and its catastrophic failures go hand in hand. Neither are going anywhere soon.

Italy Is on a Collision Course With the EU

For the first time, a populist coalition has taken over a Western European state.

Kazakhstans Neutrality Irks Russia

Recent developments in Armenia, where a former president–turned–prime minister, Serzh Sargsyan, hastily stepped down in the face of vigorous street protests on April 23, underscored the...

Trump Drives Wedge Between Germany and France

Donald Trump's move to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran should have pulled the European Union together, but Angela Merkel has instead chosen to appease the U.S. president. Criticism of...

A Modest Proposal: Abolish Political Parties

In the months leading up to her death 75 years ago, the controversial French intellectual Simone Weil feverishly filled notebook upon notebook with essays and articles. Brought to England by Charles...

How France Replaced Britain as America's 'Special' Friend

With Brexit, the UK has lost its global heft and its usefulness to Washington.

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