Robert Gates: Democrats Have No Foreign Policy, GOP's Is "Uninformed Bluster and Threats"


Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Robert Gates weighs in on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Author and historian Jon Meacham asks Gates what he thinks a president needs to know.

ROBERT GATES: I think the first thing a president needs to know is what he or she doesn't know. To acknowledge that no matter how many times they've been briefed or how much experience, that there is a lot that they don't understand.

One of the the things that troubles me and one the reasons, frankly, that I'm speaking out a little bit is that on the Democrat side, you wouldn't know we have a foreign policy because there's been no discussion really at all about national security policies, on the side of the Democrats. And on the Republican side, pretty much what you hear is uninformed bluster and threats. So the American people, at this stage in the campaign, have no idea what either what either of these frontrunners would do if they were elected president.

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