Marine Le Pen: The System Has Stifled Debate Until Now; "Globalism Is Attacking Our Very Civilization"


National Front leader Marine Le Pen speaks after making it to the second round of the French Presidential Election, Sunday April 23, 2017.

(English translation provided by BBC)

MARINE LE PEN: I'm sure every single French person is aware that the system tried through every possible means to stifle the big political debate this election should have been.

That big debate, it is going to take place, at long last. French people have to take on that historical challenge, because the challenge of that election is wild globalization.

It is a very simple choice for France. Either we carry on towards total deregulation without any borders or protection, and all that entails. With international unfair competition, mass immigration, the free trade, and the free circulation of terrorists.

Or you choose the France with borders that are going to protect her, employment, and a national identity.

So you have two choices. Those are your two alternatives, a real one, not one where the government never really changes without anything serious ever changing.

We should aim for the real alternates, fundamental alternates, which will put in place a new type of politics, new faces, and a real renewal.

It is not with the air of Francois Hollande, and all the failures, these catastrophic five years.

The time has come to free the French population, the whole French population...

The time has come to get rid of all the arrogant people who want to dictate to the population what they should do.

I am the candidate of the people. I appeal to all sincere.. patriots to join us and abandon old-fashioned quarrels and particpate in the best interest of our country... and the survival of France. We will unite behind the project of renewal and they will be our brothers.

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