Venezuela's Tiananmen Square: Woman Stands In Front Of Armored Truck


After several days of violent protests, Venezuela's socialist government is struggling to keep order on the streets of Caracas. Amidst the chaos, a local woman known only as 'La Dama' was photographed putting herself between people and an armored truck.

Reminiscent of Tank Man who came to symbolize China's Tiananmen Square Massacre, La Dama could go down in history.

A video by La Patilla's Eduardo RĂ­os captured the scene.

CNN Reports:

It was another day of violent protests in Venezuela's capital of Caracas, where a convoy of armored trucks, or "rinocerontes," inched forward on a major highway as smoke drifted overhead.

Opposition leaders had planned "the mother of all marches" to mark a holiday commemorating the country's independence from Spain. At least three people were shot and killed, and the streets were littered with debris and blood.

Then a woman stepped out of the smoke and in front of one of the hulking National Guard trucks, stopping them in their tracks...

The unknown woman, known locally only as "La Dama," wore a hat adorned with Venezuela's national colors and the country's flag draped around her neck.

In a video posted to Twitter, she ran up to the truck until she got in front of it and it stopped. Unfazed by a nearby explosion, she placed her hands on the vehicle's front fender.

As the woman stood before the truck, a voice on a loudspeaker barked out. A man popped out of a turret atop the truck and tossed an object towards the woman, who stepped calmly out of its way. It skittered down the street.

Then the rinoceronte began backing up. Instead of walking away, the woman followed it.
AFP photographer Juan Barreto also captured the standoff in a stunning photo.

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