Kite & Key: How the Chinese Government Infiltrated America


In the most recent video by 'Kite & Key Media,' they discuss China's recent actions against the United States:

Americans were outraged by the sighting of a Chinese spy balloon over Montana in early 2023. How could China act with such impunity within our borders? In reality, however, it was only the latest in a long line of Chinese efforts within the U.S.

America is one of 53 countries, for example, where China is essentially running its own “police stations,” targeting Chinese immigrants who are critical of the government in Beijing.

The Chinese military hacked the personal information of approximately 145 million Americans in 2017 — and used it as part of an effort to recruit spies within the United States.

Beijing has placed propaganda in American newspapers, used fake accounts to bolster social media posts, and engaged in widespread economic espionage, stealing Western technology in the hopes of taking it back to China.

What’s their government’s goal? They’ve actually told us. China aspires to be the most powerful country in the world within the next 25 years.

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