Peter Zeihan: Laughing At Russia Won't Solve All Of Ukraine's Problems


Geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan talks about the current situation in the Russo-Ukrainian War: 

"While in Helsinki, Secretary of State Blinken got some chuckles from the crowd (and me) when he said, “The Kremlin often claimed it had the second strongest military in the world, and many believed it. Today, many see Russia’s military as the second strongest in Ukraine.”

I’m all for some dark humor and ill-timed comedic relief (especially when it’s used to garner more aid and support for Ukraine), but I don’t want us to lose sight of who we’re talking about. A glance at the history books will show you a myriad of crushing defeats for the Russians, yet they persist.

Russia is both incredibly weak and resilient. While I’m confident that this is the beginning of the end of the Russian system, belittling them in this conflict isn’t going to speed up that process. On the other side of this war, we will be left with a resurgent Russia or a very bitter Russia (who happens to have 1,000+ nuclear warheads at their disposal).

Just a word of warning. You can still giggle at Russia’s incompetence or silly Putin memes, but don’t forget who we’re dealing with…"

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