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Global Fuel Prices Will Spark Next Revolutions - Vivienne Walt, Time
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Palestine at the UN: Mixed Messages - David Pollock, Washington Institute
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

UN Poised to Offer Palestinians Legal Status - Lynch & Gearan, Wash Post
Palestinians Exhume Past, Ignore the Future - Jonathan Kay, Nat'l Post
Old 'Iron Wall' Strategy Is Failing Israel - Tony Karon, The National
EU Should Not Be Complicit in PA Bid - Dan Schwammenthal, Commentator
U.S. Sees Sunni Gains as Way to Isolate Iran - Neil MacFarquhar, NY Times
Report: Kabul Bank Sent Millions of Dollars Abroad - Deb Riechmann, AP
China's Risky Construction Strategy - Lynette Ong, Foreign Affairs
BRICS: The World's New Banker? - Rajeev Sharma, The Diplomat
Don't Expect Tzipi Livni to Shake Up Israeli Politics - Ben Birnbaum, TNR
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Last Hurrah for an Aging China-Basher - Todd Crowell, RealClearWorld
New North Korea? Same as Old North Korea - Doug Bandow, Forbes
Gillard Can't Ignore Defense Much Longer - Hugh White, S.M. Herald
Will Leveson Report Be Cameron's Downfall? - Peter Jukes, Daily Beast
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It's Time to Write Off Some Greek Debt - Business Day
Europe's Plan C for Greece No Better than Plans A or B - Bloomberg
The Palestinians' Misguided UN Bid - Jerusalem Post
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