RealClearWorld Evening Edition

How the Merkel Doctrine Is Changing Germany - Der Spiegel
North Korea Rocket Launch Could Backfire - Simon Tisdall, The Guardian
China Won't Be Next Great Superpower - Ghaffar Hussain, Commentator
U.S., China in Awkward Embrace - Dan Blumenthal & Phillip Swagel, TNI
Obama Makes Up Drone Rules as He Goes - Allyson Mitchell, Wash. Times
Muslim Brotherhood: There's a New Caliph in Town - Evan Hill, FP
UK's Budget Problems Continue to Worsen - Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
Scotland's Bid for Independence Just Hot Air - Gwynne Dyer, NZ Herald
Legalizing Pot Won't Curb the Drug War - Keegan Hamilton, The Atlantic
Yet Another Bad United Nations Treaty - Betsy Woodruff, National Review

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Farewell to Europe - Clyde Prestowitz, Foreign Policy
A Country Called Europe Terrifies Britain - Thomas Klau, Irish Times
Terrorism's New Power Bases - Bruce Riedel, The Daily Beast
The New Middle East's New Problems - Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate
It's Time for Israel to Talk to Hamas - A.B. Yehoshua, Haaretz
Where Is the Middle East Going? - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Bibi's New Settlements Are Helping Iran - Meir Javedanfar, Times of Israel
China Grabbing World's Farmland - Jonathan Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun
Toward a Pak-Afghan Reconciliation? - C. Raja Mohan, Indian Express
What Iran & Pakistan Want from Afghans: Water - Mujib Mashal, Time
Syria's DIY Revolution - Michael Weiss, NOW Lebanon
U.S., Germany Wake Up to Putin - Lilia Shevtsova, Moscow Times
An Intolerable Status Quo in Bahrain - Elisa Massimino, Washington Post
UN's Shameful Cholera Coverup in Haiti - Pat Cockburn, Independent
Power Struggle Paralyzes South Africa's ANC - Robyn Dixon, LA Times

RealClearWorld Editorials

Revolutionary Rifts in Egypt - The Guardian
Russia Cannot Wash Its Hands of Syrian Blood - The National
New Settlements Not a Threat to Palestinian State - Jerusalem Post
Catalonia Should Stay Part of Spain - Globe and Mail

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Syria Prepping Chemical Weapons - Shachtman & Ackerman, Danger Room
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France Joins the Stealth Drone Club - John Reed, Killer Apps
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