RealClearWorld Evening Edition

The New Cold War in the Middle East - Mohammed Ayoob, National Interest
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Trying to Make Sense of Pakistan - Ghaffar Hussain, The Commentator
France Alone Cannot Defend Europe's Interests - Zaki Laidi, Project Syn.
Can Mali Be Saved from the Islamists? - Coughlin & Blair, The Telegraph
France Shoots First, Builds Coalition Later - Eric Morse, Ottawa Citizen
Euro 'In-or-Out' Debate Makes No Sense - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
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An Israeli Election About Nothing - Daniel Levy, Foreign Policy
Barack Obama: Surrealist-in-Chief - Abe Katsman, Times of Israel
Is Jordan's King in Trouble? - Daniel Wagner & Giorgio Cafiero, INEGMA
The Cleric and the Cricketer in Pakistan - Rafia Zakaria, The Hindu
Good and the Bad of Indian Democracy - Milan Vaishnav, Foreign Affairs
Why China Loves Apple - Jeongwen Chiang, CNN

RealClearWorld Editorials

Morsi's Repulsive Comments Against Jews - New York Times
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