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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

France Has Inflamed Saharan Africa - Michael Shurkin, USA Today
Mali Need Not Be France's Afghanistan - David Rohde, New York Times
Pushing Africa Aside in Mali - Arun Mohan Sukumar, The Hindu
Europe Must Prepare for Life Without America - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Revisionism, Tokyo-style - Bill Guttentag & Dan Sturman, Los Angeles Times
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Can Stephen Harper Be Canada's Lincoln? - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail
Spectre of Separatism Haunts Europe - Gordon Bardos, National Interest
Half-Truths of History Hang over Balkans - Draginja Nadazdin, Gazeta
Media Eats Out of Palestinians' Hands - Simon Plosker, The Commentator

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When Countries Can't Pay Their Debts - New York Times
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