RealClearWorld Evening Edition

How the U.S. & China Can Avoid War - Kevin Rudd, Foreign Affairs
Don't Fear a Nuclear Mideast -- It Won't Happen - Peter Jones, Globe & Mail
A Bitter Struggle for Control of the Catholic Church - Der Spiegel
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Why S. America Wouldn't Torture for U.S. - Greg Grandin, TomDispatch
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

What Obama Will Face in Israel - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Bulgaria Unmasks Hezbollah - Tom Donilon, New York Times
Filipino Super-Typhoon an Ominous Warning - Simon Tisdall, Guardian
Obama, Spare the Lectures & OK Keystone - L. Ian MacDonald, Ottawa Cit.
Southern Europe Puts Brakes on EU-U.S. Deal - Gregor Schmitz, Der Spiegel
Death of an Iranian General - Amir Taheri, New York Post
Mr. Erdogan Goes to Shanghai - Ariel Cohen, The National Interest
Why Russian Patriots Love U.S. Real Estate - Vic Davidoff, Moscow Times
Obama Is Right to Resist the Syria Hawks - Edward Luce, Financial Times
Collapse of Al Jazeera's Credibility - Ghaffar Hussain, The Commentator
U.S. Should Avoid German Energy Path - Eric Smith, New Geography
A Golden Rice Opportunity - Bjorn Lomborg, Project Syndicate
The Real Apartheid-Israel Comparison - Shmuley Boteach, Times of Israel
North Asia Is Following the Eurozone Down - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Scourge of Witch Burnings in the South Pacific - Jo Chandler, Daily Beast

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Is the Era of Big Government Over in China? - The Economist
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Delusional U.S. Exceptionalism - Glenn Greenwald, On Security and Liberty
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