RealClearWorld Evening Edition

The Real Story Behind China's Military - Erickson & Liff, The Diplomat
America's Outsourced War - James Kitfield, National Journal
Why Jews Are Quietly Fleeing France - Maurizio Molinari, La Stampa
Obama Went Soft on China's Cyber War - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
S. Korea Threatens North with U.S. Troops - Doug Bandow, Cato Institute
Is Syria a Real Country? - Franck Salameh, The National Interest
Toward a Libertarian Foreign Policy - Matt Welch, Reason
Russia Fears Afghanistan's Jihadist Whirlwind - David Satter, FPRI
Hugo Chavez Was Right About Poverty - James Carroll, Boston Globe
Britain's Full-Time Europhobe - Peter Jukes, The Daily Beast

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

The End of the Two-State Solution - Benjamin Birnbaum, The New Republic
Euro Revolt Spreads to Germany - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph
Iran and al-Qaeda: Strange Bedfellows - Peter Bergen, CNN
Is a Weak Obama Good for Israel? - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Iran Crisis More Stable than It Seems - Nader Mousavizadeh, FT
Return to the Middle Ages in Pakistan - Ghaffar Hussain, The Commentator
Morsi Out of Answers on Egypt Violence - Issandr El Amrani, The National
North Lebanon Is Ready to Blow - Michael J. Totten, World Affairs Journal
European Austerity Is Still Not Working - Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate
Chavez the Fake Redeemer - Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Wall Street Journal
A Scandal at the Bolshoi Ballet - David Remnick, The New Yorker
China's Greatest Fears - Richard Lourie, Moscow Times
China Cos. to Nasdaq: Sayonara, Zai Jian, Bye Bye - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Will U.S., Canada Health Costs Converge? - Konrad Yakabuski, Globe & Mail
U.S.-Mex Border: 2,000-Mile-Long, $11.7B Sieve - Alex Leary, Tampa Times

RealClearWorld Editorials

The Drone Future - Chicago Tribune
Russia's Dangerous Nonchalance on Syria - The Australian
The War over Arctic Maps Is Underway - Ottawa Citizen
The Fukushima Crisis Continues - Asahi Shimbun

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

Russia's Economy Is Beating America's - Mark Adomanis, Forbes
Portugal: No Babies, No Money, No Future - Edward Hugh, Fistful of Euros
The Falklands' Ridiculous Referendum - Roy Greenslade, Greenslade Blog
Africa-China Ties Killing Europe - Serginho Roosblad, Africa Is a Country