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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Think the Euro Crisis Is Over? Think Again - Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
The Second Most Important Election in the World - Alex Berezow, RCW
Al-Qaeda Thinks Globally but Acts Locally - Christoph Reuter, Der Spiegel
Egypt's Liberals Need to Wake Up - Steven Cook, Council on Foreign Relations
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India and Pakistan Tiptoeing Toward Conflict - Daniel & Miglani, Reuters
Preemption the Only Thing That Can Keep U.S. Safe - John Arquilla, FP
Dangerous Meddling in South China Sea - Ted Carpenter, China-US Focus
Washington Post vs. Vladimir Putin - Pat Buchanan, Creators Syndicate
Nate Silver: Scottish Independence? No Chance - Scott Macnab, Scotsman
When British Land Was Under German Boots - Sam Chi, RealClearHistory
Northern Ireland's Bankruptcy Problem - Francess McDonnell, Irish Times
What Camus Understood About the Middle East - Paul Berman, TNR

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