RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Sochi 2014: The Terrorist Threat - Andrew Bowen, The National Interest
Egypt's Generals Go on a Killing Spree - The Economist
The West Dithers over Taking Sides in Egypt - Erich Follath, Der Spiegel
U.S.-Egypt Military Exercises Canceled. So What? - Max Fisher, WaPo
Al-Qaeda vs. PKK on Turkey-Syria Border - Murat Yetkin, Al Monitor
Business Habits of Highly Effective Terrorists - Jacob Shapiro, Foreign Aff.
My Two Weeks with the Jihadists - Michael Marcusa, The Atlantic
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Fears of Russia-Ukraine Trade War - Dmytro Shurkhalo, Radio Free Europe
What Happened to Taiwan's Little League Champs? - Sam Chi, Diplomat

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Is Obama Enabling Tyranny in Egypt? - Jacob Heilbrunn, Nat'l Interest
Muslim Bros. No Friend of Democracy - John Bolton, NY Daily News
Obama's 'I'm Not Bush' Foreign Policy - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Vladimir Putin's Lonely Cold War - Owen Matthews, The Spectator
68 Years Later, Japan Shrine Still a Flashpoint - Elaine Kurtenbach, AP
Bad News for Europe, Good News for Merkel - Martin Kettle, The Guardian
Hezbollah's Refugee Problem - Hugh Eakin, New York Review of Books
Sykes-Picot Is More Alive than We Know - Michael Young, The Daily Star
Why Putin Made the Spy Game Personal - Timothy Naftali, Foreign Affairs
Eight Horrific Stories of Being Gay in the New Russia - Julia Ioffe, TNR
Boycott Putin, Not the Sochi Olympics - Garry Kasparov, The Daily Beast
Egypt: Back to the Intifada - Michael Hirsh, National Journal
Open Season on Ed Miliband - Matthew d'Ancona, London Eve. Standard
A Future Worse than Mubarak's Reign - Shadi Hamid, New York Times
Parisians Are in Love with Hipster Brooklyn - Chelsea Fagan, Vice

RealClearWorld Editorials

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