Max Boot: Obama's Syria Policy 'A Failure,' Will Be 'Stain on His Presidency'


Syrian peace talks in Geneva broke down after only a couple days of negotiations.  Max Boot, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, talks with the Wall Street Journal's Mary Kissel about the Obama administration's policy in Syria.

Max Boot: The Obama administration doesn't want to do anything serious in Syria and so, therefore, it's doing unserious things to make it appear as if it's doing something when it's actually not doing anything. I mean, this is just staggering.  I mean you can't make this up.  The fact that they convened these peace talks and two days later they're suspended.  I mean, this is not a huge surprise.  Everybody knew that the predicates were not in place to have successful peace negotiations at this time, and yet they went ahead and did it, convened them anyway.  What is the point?  This is just really demonstrating to me the utter bankruptcy and failure of the Obama policy in Syria, which is going to leave a terrible stain on the way that history views his presidency. 

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