Jeffrey Sachs: Hillary Clinton "Lead Agent" of Every War We're In


Dr. Jeffrey Sachs joins Morning Joe to discuss the foreign policy differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and why he says Sanders is the candidate of peace.

JEFFREY SACHS: Well, [Hillary Clinton] has been actually the lead agent of every war that we're in and the kind of wars that have created more and more chaos. When we get glimpses of what has really happened, for example, in the two-part New York Times story last month about Libya...the President was very reluctant. The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates said, "We don't need another war."

But Hillary was in there {saying,] "We need war, we need war. We need to do this. And it's going to be easy." And of course it created a bloodbath that continues to this day. Same in Syria. Same in Iraq. Every war she's supported. And I think it's a very, very dangerous and bad record. She's made us less safe and it was one of the poorer performances of a modern secretary of state.


One of the places where we need to solve problems is in Syria. Hillary was a lead proponent of overthrowing the government of Assad. That was five years ago. It was a failed CIA-Saudi Arabia attempt that was supposed to be a few weeks and the U.S. was going to get its new government.

Five years later, it's displaced 10 million people, hundreds of thousands of people are dead, and Russia and the United States have a common interest now in getting this ISIS horror put down. And instead of what this adventurism of Hillary Clinton has been.

And so I think he's looking for workmanlike relationships around the world to solve real problems is, rather than these kinds of wars of choice that have turned out to be debacles in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya, in many, many other places.

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