Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: I Would Warn U.S. of ISIS Attack


Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is weighing in on the U.S. presidential election and the relationship the United States could have with Russia if Donald Trump is elected. Asked about American military airstrikes, Assad says the United States “doesn’t have the will” to defeat terrorists. NBC’s chief global correspondent Bill Neely reports for TODAY.

BILL NEELY: If you knew that ISIS was about to attack the United States, would you warn America?

BASHAR AL-ASSAD: As principle, yes, could they may attack civilians. I cannot blame the innocents in the Untied States for the bad intentions of their officials. This is not correct. And as I've said many times, I don't consider the United States as [a] direct enemy as they don't occupy my land.

Asked if he was a "brutal dictator," Neely quotes al-Assad as saying, "If a doctor cuts off a limb to save a life, you don't call him a brutal doctor. He's doing his job."

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