Theresa May vs. Jeremy Corbyn: Brexit Going Forward As Planned


In her weekly Question Time, British Prime Minister Theresa May says the Brexit process remains on track after her Bill was passed in the House of Lords, and she'll return to the House of Commons before the end of March to announce that she's triggered Article 50 for the UK to exit the EU.

She also debates Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn about Article 50.

BBC Reports:

The prime minister said her timetable of triggering formal negotiations by the end of March remained on track.

And she told the SNP - which has called for a second independence referendum - not to "play politics or create uncertainty or division".

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn accused the government of being "complacent".

Mrs May's statement to MPs on last week's European Council summit came after the EU withdrawal bill was backed by the House of Lords, clearing the way for it to receive Royal Assent and become law.

This gives her the power to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin formal negotiations, which is expected to happen at the end of March.

It also comes after Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted an independence referendum to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of the following year.

Welcoming Parliament's backing for her Brexit bill, the PM told MPs: "This will be a defining moment for our whole country as we begin to forge the new relationship with Europe and a new role for ourselves in the world."

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